XAMPP running very slow on localhost…

I had this problem yesterday when trying to work on a project at home using XAMPP (Incase you don’t know what XAMPP is, it’s a portable web server… I’ll write another entry about it soon)

Anyway to my problem… so basically you start up XAMPP and load http://localhost/ and it takes foreeverr to load… eventually it will load.

I googled around for solutions and eventually found out what the problem was:

Most cases its a firewall blocking the ports – so simply disabled your firewall and see if it makes the page load.

Check your system logs and also check the apache logs in xampp (/path-to-xampp/apache/logs/ – i think is the location) in here I found jrun timing out and unable to connect. Most people won’t get this error but in my case I did *sigh*

I couldn’t work out why my localhost was running slow, since when I first installed it ran fine. Eventually it ended up being that my Coldfusion8 Application Server wasn’t running and that XAMPP was using some components of its java environment. Turned it back on and bang it worked!

3 thoughts on “XAMPP running very slow on localhost…”

  1. Wow, I looked all over to see what was up with my XAMPP install, and you hit the nail on the head. I have a CF9 installation, and I disabled the service running at startup. It somehow grabs control over almost all of the XAMPP components (all showed up as deactivated until I started the CF9 Application Server service. Thanks!

  2. I too have exhausted all tweak…

    reformatting is actually the only solution left and try xampp before to add services or anything that could interfeer.

    It’s just not right to wait 150sec for a wp install page to load!@#

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